As always, my first step was to gather resources on what Jaclyn's current brand was and how she markets herself to her audience. Once I have this information, along with some inspiration of my own, I begin to sketch out preliminary ideas.

Ideally this next step would be done in collaboration with the client or subject. We would discuss fonts, colors and overall style of the final product.

Finally I would bring everything together into a final product. In this case it is just a single logo but with clients who want more variety I may put together a whole brand guide including logo variants, font usage guidance, HEX Codes and packaged files for use.

Jaclyn Glenn //

YouTuber REBRAND Series

With the goal to expound my portfolio in more various aspects that may have real world impact, I am beginning a series where I will rebrand or simply create a brand identity for some of my favorite YouTubers! 

This time I chose Jaclyn Glenn, an atheist commentator on YouTube who I have followed and admired for years!

Watch the process for this design HERE!

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