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  • Andrew Gardner

Binti Trilogy Book Club Collateral


Create digital and social media collateral advertising the UNCG Alumni & Friends Book Club selection of The Binti Trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor for March, April & May 2021. Overall design should align with university branding including logos, colors and fonts. Imagery to include are the headshot of the author and images of the book covers. Please include the following information: Book club, trilogy title, dates, author name and author meet tagline.


Sometimes as the sole graphic designer in my department I am not given the best material to start with. The images may not be color corrected or the right size or a logo maybe in PNG instead of EPS/SVG so they are super low-res. I enjoy those small challenges though. I took the

material given to me and made those corrections. For the instance of the book club logo I actually needed to dispose of it and just create a makeshift one for the title of the collateral.

Maintaining a cohesive look with a strict brand guide is easy. Making these different projects look distinct enough from one another so that our audience is interested in each of them is where things could become difficult. For this project I approached it with a more free form design element to add interest around the material given. Using these elements as separate pieces allowed me to manipulate them differently depending on the piece of collateral that they will be used on.


Using the Adobe Illustrator collateral template I created I was able to easily create multiple pieces of collateral that could be used on digital signage or various forms of social media. The designs stand out from other content with the more organic design elements but still feature the essential branding so that it is recognizable in our institution.

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