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Black Lives Matter // Resource Site & Imagery


In light of the murder of George Floyd and increased violence against the Black community by the police, the UNCG University Libraries decided to make a Themed Content display and resource site for Black Lives Matter containing anti-racism resources here in our collections.

For this project you need to work with the diversity committee on curating a collection of anti-racism materials from our collection and also produce 4-6 pieces of imagery to use on a resource site and also across other digital marketing forums. To the best of your ability you need to follow the university brand guide including logos, colors and fonts.


While working with members of the diversity committee I would create the resource site through Google Sites and also create imagery to appear on the site and in digital marketing. My approach to this project was unlike any other Themed Contents that we've had to do. It was not a planned collection and it was actually taking over the planned and scheduled "PRIDE" collection. From start to finish I needed to complete and publish this collection with 3 days.

First I worked on the imagery. Knowing I would be making the images primarily for the buttons on the resource site, I wanted them to be iconographic instead of full on designs or illustrations so that it would read more simply. Using a program called Procreate on my iPad Pro I was able to make these illustrative icons and still maintain quality and transparency for future use.


The button imagery I created were simple illustrations that I used cross-platform so that we could use them not only on the google site but also on social media. They represent different aspects of anti-black racism history. There is the Black Panther beret, the black power fist, a megaphone symbolizing the amplification of black voices and a protest sign reading "No Justice, No Peace" which is a popular chant at Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations.

Check out the Black Lives Matter resource Google Site to explore the content on this subject:

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