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  • Andrew Gardner

Book Cover and Social Media

I was approached in Spring of 2022 by indie-author Dakota Vander to design the cover art for his debut novel "Bottoms Up". I then was tapped to design his marketing campaign for the book release as well and orchestrated the whole roll out.

I was given a brief synopsis of the book first as an exotic romance where a rock star and a college student begin a relationship through online dating.

I worked with Dakota on color schemes and general vibes for the designs and even found stock images that we liked for the cover.

The alternate covers were heavily designed with iconography. We felt like we were close to the color scheme we wanted and were trying to include elements that hinted at the plot.

Ultimately we agreed that the iconography made the cover look too young-leaning. This is when we began to incorporate the stock photo into the design.

The final cover art perfectly mixed together the iconographic elements that the author liked but also the sexier elements that would pull in an audience looking for a spicy romance.

It was at this point that Dakota reached out to me again to ask for help with his social media. He had no presence at the time and had never even posted on Instagram before I had taken over his account.

I kept the same color scheme and general themes, using some of the same elements from the cover design to reach out and gain followers.

My work with his social media from May to July 2022 gained Dakota over 250 followers and translated to over 20 copies sold from social media alone.

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