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Buchanan Family Farm Logo

When my best teacher friend moved to Virginia to start a farm with her family I was devastated.

But when I realized that meant that I could go and visit that farm on holidays, I was suddenly feeling better about the whole thing, haha!

Stevie felt a little more than uneasy about the giants that roamed the lands but I couldn't help but get inspired.

They had been looking at making their online presence stronger and had asked for advice and I suggested a logo. Loving these friends as I do, I got started right away.

Knowing that this would be a logo they would use for just about everything, I wanted it to convey, well, just about everything!

After communication with the owners I was able to get a good idea of the products they offered and the image they wanted to portray in the community.

Using stock elements on the site CANVA I was able to work collaboratively on their logo and deliver a dynamic image that could be used in a variety of ways.

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