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  • Andrew Gardner

Cochise Pit Fire Festival Collateral


Create marketing collateral for the annual Pit Fire Festival at Cochise College. Include print and digital media including posters, social media, and more.


I first began by researching the festival and events they had in the past. The Pit Fire Festival is meant to celebrate the creativity of the Cochise pottery community and to gather them together for showcasing and for a communal firing of pottery.

I got the idea of using the imagery of a piece of pottery as iconography in the collateral and I looked up examples of the type of pottery to use as inspiration.

I wanted to go with a more vintage, paper cut-out kind of look so that all of the collateral had the same sort of handmade feel that the event itself holds.

I was able to seperate the two elements of the flame and the vase so that they could each be used seperatley in different forms of collateral.


My first piece for the collateral was a stand-alone poster with all the appropriate information. This poster and/or flyer was meant to be a quick one look poster so that someone could easily grab the information from a single source.

The circular motif of the information resembles the radiance of light coming from a real frame and ties in to the theme of fire and light overall.

I then created a separate series of art posters that could be posted and grouped together on a wall for a cohesive look.

My thought with this design was that all five of these posters could potentially be sold as a source of revenue at the festival for additional income for the college.

Finally, I created the social media campaign with the same elements used before but with a more high-contrast composition for easier reading.

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