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  • Andrew Gardner

COVID-19 Prevention Signage

The COVID-19 Pandemic kicked us out of the libraries for months. While most of our programming had to either be canceled, postponed or moved to a virtual medium, the one thing that did not let up is us in communications. With the anticipation of some students returning for the fall, we had to rush to complete a slew of COVID-19 Prevention and Guidance signage for all 10 floors plus offices of our library buildings. With some icons given to us by the university I was left to assemble and, in some cases, disassemble them into recognizable imagery for our audience.

To be frank, this project was so intense and stressful with the amount of communication required between us at the library, university communications, library admin, the health department, etc. that I don't feel like explaining all the process details of these designs. And this was all on top of being in the height of a deadly pandemic and having to put up this signage and install it all myself with the help of one other person, neither of us knowing if we would get the other sick. Just know that this project took between 1 to 2 months to complete from start to finish and at times it felt like every day something new was added to the list of things to create. During this period I did nothing else other than COVID signage. It can now be seen all over the library.

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