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Elevator Bay Collages // Design and Mock Up Stage

Our library is due for a major renovation in a few years, pending on the passing of a substantial state budget. This is an exciting chance for revitalization of the library's image but as a community we did not want to wait for this eventual solution to update our imagery in order to connect better with our patrons and students. We wanted to do small incremental updates that could be temporarily put in high traffic areas that more aligned with our community now and also brought image and text to areas that need sprucing up. The Elevator Bay is our first step in this massive project. With a tight window of needing to design, approve and install this massive project over the summer while less students and patrons were present, I knew that this project needed to be pitched and designed within a week or two.

First we had to look at the area we would be tackling. The Elevator Bay is a section of two walls, one at the far end of the lobby and one along the back with some express machines on it. Both walls are fairly blank, dark and the art represented not necessarily reflecting the best image of the library.

As I began taking measurements, ideas started forming. The "carpet circles" as I call them were large. Whatever replaced them would need to take up the same space or else we would just be left with more of what we don't want, blank space. The goal I was given for this area was to use the design to double as an art piece and a wayfaring piece that would advertise the rooms on the other side of the wall.

The "express wall" has its own challenges: Its massive! Whatever would go on this wall would need to cover it in height and width wall not having essential elements that would be covered by the computers or when people would stand at the counter. The goals for this aspect of the design was to represent strong brand identity while also introducing the viewer to different aspects of the library through text and images.

My next stage was to develop a pitch based on the brief and goals given to me. I quickly researched different materials that they may use for this project and came to the consensus of mounted foam core with the help of my boss. This would keep costs low but quality high.

My idea was to do a collage that spanned both walls that would be color graded with our brand colors. This was a great start and was partially approved. I used simple iPad software like Procreate to mockup this idea quickly to represent the idea at a meeting along with slides about the logistics of the project.

After some revisions we were able to come up with a more consistent design across both walls that tied in new graphic elements, new text, and new photography. This made the images more current while also fulfilling the original goal. These are the final mockups for the design. They are simply done to show scale of the pieces, in reality the "circle wall" would be cleared and the "express wall" pieces would go behind the computers.

This will have to be just the first part of this project! The prints have, as of now, been ordered and are in production. Coming soon I will reveal the final product and the installation process!

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