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Gimmie What I Want // Miley Cyrus Lyric Poster


Using the album art for Miley Cyrus' new album "Plastic Hearts" as inspiration, create a unique lyric poster for one of her featured songs. The poster should be 11x17 and should fit seamlessly within the world of this album.

Please include lyrics short enough to appear larger and the artists name as well.


In this self-dictated project I wanted to explore doing a type of design that I do not often get to do with my job at an academic library. Inspired by the lyric posters created by the TikTok-er Ear Jelly ( ), I wanted to learn how to creatively play with fonts and text as he did. I am often restricted to using the fonts and styling that my university dictates so for years I have not been given the opportunity to do anything creatively with text.

I wanted this to be a challenge so in addition to the text manipulation I would be doing I also limited myself to only working in Illustrator, no sketching, brainstorming or planning. This is not comfortable with me since I love the stability that planning can give but this would be an exercise in spontaneous creation and potentially even practice for real world situations where I may be expected to do something off the cuff.

I chose Miley Cyrus because I absolutely love this new album. Being raised on punk music I relate a lot to her stylistic choices on this record. I especially appreciate her collaboration with Stevie Nicks, who I named my dog after. I chose the song "Gimmie What I Want" because of its self empowering message of giving yourself the things you want in life, in love, or in relationships.


I created the poster using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the finishing touches. Using a techinque Called Envelope Distort I was able to morph the text in different ways to give a wavy effect.

I grabbed the colors directly from the album cover so that when put together it looked like a cohesive piece. The decision to do the black lines and plastic wrap effect also came from the album cover.

In a real world scenario having cohesion between merchandise is important and drives sells as the customer wants to have all the pieces of a collection. I could totally see this poster beside the CD and shirts for Miley's tour.

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