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Into the Doodleverse Volume 2

With a new month comes a new zine!

“Into the Doodleverse: Volume 2” is my second zine in the Into the Doodleverse series. It‘s writing and artwork is based on February of 2021 during my doodle a day project.

I truly felt like I was getting into the groove and style of this project for the first time with this zine and I am excited to share these works a year later!

To purchase your copy you can contact me directly for a local drop off (and $2 off) or you can visit my shop here on my website!

This volume will be released digitally as a WebToon in the future but to read old copies please visit:

While digital copies are free, I always enjoy tips or any other support you‘d like to give at the link below. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing how you like falling Into the Doodleverse!

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