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Self Branding // Andrew Pan

I started going by Andrew Pan artistically in 2011. I had a friend in high school that used to call me "Little Pan" because she said I reminded her of the adventurous and happy Peter Pan. Well, jokes on her because now I'm fat and depressed. Lol. While entering into the pandemic I had one of my jobs lay me off and the other go completely remote and most of my freelancing dried up. I decided to use this time to lean more into personal design projects and something I had never done for myself yet was to give myself my own branding!

I treated it like a real branding project and began by creating a palette based on my favorite color schemes. I chose rich reds, golds, and smokey grays. Then I began sketching out what I thought I might want the design of the emblem to look like. I knew I wanted a dynamic logo that could morph and stretch to various sizes while maintaining the same silhouette. I wanted something that I could add text to or leave text off of.

Because of this design goal, and because of personal taste, I decided on the direction of something that would perhaps resemble a diamond shape. I love Art Deco design and if I could magically gain one skill in life it would be to do Art Deco work perfectly. I played with shapes and designs with both my fake and real initials. Ideally, whatever I came up with could potentially work for my real name also incase I ever wanted to go back to it.

I was able to bring my ideas into illustrator and quickly come up with a design I was happy with. Using my initials right side up and upside down gave it a more graphic look while avoiding the all too common stereotype of having someone's personal logo be solely their initials. I don't think there is anything wrong with that per say but I wanted mine to be less recognizable as my initials and more just an icon that could become synonymous with my brand. As always I exported several versions of the icon and full logo for various uses and then used the design to influence the design of my (since updated) website.

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