• Andrew Gardner

She & Him Merch Concept

What is that one band, that one album, etc, that you can put on at any time and relax with while you have a drink? I have a few and She & Him is one of my most frequent. The mix between vintage and modern sound has always intrigued me. Their Volume One will always have a special place in my heart (along with a lot of other albums coming out of 2008). When I looked to doing a merchandise concept for an artist to stretch this new design muscle I knew I wanted to do it based on this album. Specifically I chose to focus on my favorite song off the album: Change is Hard.

I started by extracting elements from the album itself: color palette, tone, style of imagery, and lyrics. I knew that I wanted to create something I felt would go with this album seamlessly. The album has a lot of rustic yellows and oranges and has the more "vintage" texture that was very popular in the hipster eras of the late 2000s.

I designed an illustrated lyric track to go with the song, the idea being that it could be printed along with the CD booklet. (Pictures Coming Soon.)

The main crutch of this project though was to be able to make merch mockups that could realistically stand beside the album and represent the song of choice as well. I took elements from the lyric illustration and incorporated them in the designs while also using some of the album's color palette. I created the mockups using photoshop but mostly designed in Adobe Illustrator. Which one would you wear? I'm partial to the hoodies!

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