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  • Andrew Gardner

The Twilight Zone: Episodic Poster // Episode One

I have always loved The Twilight Zone. I remember watching the episode with the pig nose nurses in high school and being one of a few 15 year olds who were just as glued to that show as the others were glued to The Jersey Shore. Now that I think of it, those two shows have a lot of parallels. Anyway, I began watching the series in its entirety and I scoured the internet everywhere for a poster to share on social media. If I didn't tell all my followers that I was watching something so indie and hip then did I ever really watch it? Well, turns out that the marketing material for the old run of The Twilight Zone was lacking in the digital collateral department.

So I decided to change that!

I thought about doing illustrations but quickly tossed that idea. I thought about trying something more graphic in illustrator but that didn't seem right either. My goal was to capture the main idea of the episode in a striking visual way so that someone unfamiliar may want to watch it based on that poster. That is how I began piecing together the elements for what would become the collaged multi-media poster for this episode.

In truth, I sketched out posters for the first four episodes. I started at the beginning because it just made sense but also because maybe someday this will become a full fledged series! But let me not get ahead of myself.

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