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I've done video for summer camps, companies (Kaplan), and for educational institutions. I have also worked on productions of short films and student-led film projects as assistant, videographer, and director. 

About Me

Here's some basic information about who I am and what I do.

Outdoor Play: An Interview with Pattie Bailie, PhD

At the NAEYC annual conference I spoke with Dr. Pattie Bailie about the importance of outdoor play in pre-school classrooms. 

Loose Parts in Preschool Classrooms

Speaking with educators and experts at the annual NAEYC conference, I pieced together their thoughts about loose parts play which is a major focus in preschool education at the moment.

Maker's Spaces and Preschool Classrooms

Maker's spaces are important but can be overwhelming to new classrooms. Speaking with educators and experts, I was able to make a video detailing how to use maker's spaces in the classroom.

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